About Us

Amy Horowitz 

In 1991, Amy founded the Jerusalem Project under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institution Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage. In 2001, she established the project at The Ohio State University, developing the Living Jerusalem course and study tour at a working conference with Salim Tamari, Galit Hasan-Rokem, Vered Madar, and Issam Nassar. In 2012 – 2013, she taught the Living Jerusalem course at Indiana University. Currently she is working with Indiana University and Ohio State to expand the Living Jerusalem course and project under the auspices of IU’s Center for the Study of Global Change and Center for the Study of the Middle East in cooperation with International Studies, the Mershon Center, and the Foreign Language Center at OSU (more: [1] [2]).

Galit Hasan-Rokem

Galit was the Israel Research director for the Jerusalem Project during the ethnographic work in 1991-93. She has continued her work with the project, helping to design the Living Jerusalem course and meeting with Ohio State and Indiana University students in video conference sessions.

Galit is the Max and Margarethe Grunwald Professor of Folklore at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she teaches at the Department of Hebrew Literature and the Jewish and Comparative Folklore Program. From 2001 to 2004 she served as head of the Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies at the Hebrew University (more).

Salim Tamari

Salim is the director of the Institute for Jerusalem Studies, editor of the Jerusalem Quarterly and associate professor of sociology at Birzeit University. Tamari co-directs Birzeit’s Mediterranean Studies Unit. Salim was a senior researcher on the Palestinian team during the Jerusalem Project’s ethnographic phase from 1991 – 1993. He has continued his work with the project, helping to design the Living Jerusalem course and meeting with Ohio State and Indiana University students in video conference sessions He was a visiting fellow at the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at MIT and is currently the Visiting Arcapita Professor at Columbia University (more).

Issam Nassar

Issam is associate professor of History at Illinois State University and a research fellow at the Institute of Jerusalem Studies in Jerusalem. A historian of photography and the Middle East, he taught at the University of California at Berkeley, 2006, Bradley University, 2003-2006 and al-Quds University, 1998-2003 (more).

James Counts Early

James served at the Smithsonian as a folklore consultant and acting administrator the African Diaspora Folklife Festival Program before assuming the position of Assistant Secretary for Public Service at the Institution. It was in this executive position that Early supported the creation of the Jerusalem Project under the Smithsonian aegis (more).




Amy Shuman

Professor Amy Shuman will be one of the faculty for the tour this year. She is a professor of folklore in the Department of English at OSU and also holds appointments in the Departments of Anthropology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She is a fellow of the Mershon Center and the Melton Center, and she directs Disability Studies and the Diversity and Identity Studies Collective. She helped to develop the BETHA grant for the Living Jerusalem class at Ohio State in 2005.




Noura Dabdoub

Instructor and Resident Director for Living Jerusalem Project

Noura has been active in the Project since 2009. She teaches the Living Jerusalem course at Ohio State University, and is a resident director on the study-abroad tour. She is a graduate of Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law, and is currently an attorney practicing family law and employment discrimination law.





Allison Yates

Allison will graduate in May 2014 from Indiana University with majors in International Studies, Spanish, and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. After taking Dr. Amy Horowitz’s class Living Jerusalem in Fall 2011, she interned with the Living Jerusalem Project during the summer of 2012. She studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she took coursework in sociology, especially social movements, interned with the human rights organization Madres de Plaza de Mayo, and observed several pro-Palestinian protests. After graduate she hopes to work in the non-profit sector for human rights and go to graduate school.

Lila Raouf

Lila is a a senior undergraduate student at Indiana University in Bloomington, double majoring in International Studies and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. She took the Living Jerusalem course in the Fall of 2011 along with Allison, and she interned with the Living Jerusalem Project during the summer of 2012. She is generally interested in Middle Eastern affairs, and recently spent her junior year of college studying in Cairo, Egypt. She hopes to pursue a career focusing on Egyptian culture/society or the current political transition in Egypt.


Jay Hunter

Jay Hunter participated in the Living Jerusalem course at Ohio State University in 2009. As a student in the course, Jay helped create and manage the class and student blogs. He continued to participate after completing the course; taking lead on the technical aspects of the Living Jerusalem Project. He created the Living Jerusalem website and Facebook page, and helped course students create and maintain their blogs. Currently living in DC, Jay continues to assist the program whenever needed including managing social media updates during the study tours.


Abdul Rahman El Husseini

Abdul Rahman El Husseini was a student of the Living Jerusalem course at Ohio State University in 2009. As a Living Jerusalem student, he took an active roll in growing and improving the Living Jerusalem Project by helping create, maintain, and support the Living Jerusalem class blog and student blogs for two years. He graduated from the Ohio State University in June 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering. He is currently located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is working for Texas Instruments.