The Experience


Participant Testimonials
Brianna Baar, Junior in International Studies: “It was undoubtedly the most enlightening two weeks of my life. The whole experience was eye-opening, emotionally and physically exhausting, and straight-up incredible.

Chandni Pawar, a senior in Chemistry, noted that “Despite our classroom preparation, this life-changing trip surpassed all of my expectations…we met with activists, religious leaders, and families all with unique opinions and perspectives on life in this multifaceted city.

Through Living Jerusalem, I saw the beauty and complexity of diversity in this living, breathing city. It taught me to appreciate Jerusalem for its historical and religious significance as well at its narratives and peoples.

Hannah Trate, a sophomore in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies, echoed this sentiment, stating “a few weeks before arriving in Jerusalem, I remember casually remarking in a moment of arrogant ignorance that I suspected ‘little would surprise me in Jerusalem’… As it turned out, no amount of secondhand knowledge could have fully prepared me for the coming two weeks.

Trate described experiencing the multiple divisions of Jerusalem, saying “We had opportunities to meet incredible people, analyze conflicting narratives, and try to understand the impact that living within such tangible conflict has had on people’s daily lives. At the same time, we were forced to recognize that life in Jerusalem is so much more than conflict. It’s family and friends and food and shopping. You could have a protest on one side of a street, while the other side is filled with merchants, restaurants, and people going about their daily lives. And this, in Jerusalem, is normalcy.

Dr. Amy Horowitz, Living Jerusalem Resident Director, summarized the experience of the trip, saying, “What I loved the most about this Living Jerusalem study tour was how much I learned from the students as they discovered the city. To say this was a sharp group of critical thinkers would be an understatement — they relentlessly probed beneath surfaces, challenged conflicting narratives, and confronted their own preconceived notions.